Re-opening of media studio to benefit PCC’s Broadcasting & Production students

PUEBLO – The ability of Pueblo Community College students to get the best real-world experience in media production is taking a giant leap on April 26. With the grand re-opening of The Studios at PCC, students are now better able to use the most current technology to develop complete production packages for today’s communications industry.

The Studios is the working headquarters for the Center for New Media (CNM), which is the Broadcasting & Production Technology program’s operating arm. Located at the east end of the Medical Arts & Technology Building, The Studios has undergone a $766,000 renovation and expansion that included a high-tech modernization of the entire facility, an upgrade to the HVAC and electrical systems, and a 1,500-square-foot expansion.

The like-new facility includes a classroom, editing suites, control room, offices, new hallway entrance, storage area, and – best of all – a new studio to stage many of CNM’s live televised programs and to record others for playback later. The remodeling was handled by Copestone Construction of Colorado Springs from a design by HGF Architects of Pueblo. It was financed by state dollars and PCC funds.

In addition to covering campus events, CNM staff members work on a myriad of community projects such as covering City Council meetings, Pueblo Hispanic Education Foundation’s telethons, Ask a Lawyer nights, high school and college athletic events, parades (State Fair, Cinco de Mayo, Fiesta), candidate forums, local high school and university graduations, Andenucio baseball tourneys, etc. Many of the local programs are broadcast on the four cable access channels that are managed by PCC.

“We are so pleased to be able to offer such quality programming, not only for our students, but the community as a whole, said PCC President Patty Erjavec. “We invite people and organizations in our community to call on our staff at the Center for New Media for any of their broadcasting or video production needs.”

CNM also covers or has covered out-of-town events such as Sky Sox baseball, Colorado College hockey, Gold Kings hockey, the Denver Broncos Super Bowl victory parades in Denver, the National Junior College World Series in Grand Junction, Little Britches Rodeo, RMAC football for Altitude Sports, etc. Much of the production capability is made possible by the CNM’s HD Mobile Media Lab.

 “Today is the beginning of the end of our conversion to high definition technology because we’ve already been recording in HD for three years and this renovation provides infrastructure that supports it,” explained Scott Richards, who directs CNM activities as its Coordinator of Media Productions.

“The mobile lab will form the heart of streaming on network (Internet),” he added. “Because of the mobile lab, our studio is basically the world.”

CNM is part of PCC’s Mass Communications department, which trains students for employment in art, design, entertainment, sports and media, public relations, marketing and advertising. It also helps meet the growing need for workers and freelance contractors in many organizations.

“The new CNM studios and classroom will allow for the synergy between broadcasting, web technology and communication design that the media industry demands,” noted Jenny Sherman, the department chair of PCC’s Mass Communications program. “Students will benefit tremendously from this cross-discipline lab.”

Mass Communications offers both a certificate and an associate degree. The Broadcasting & Production Technology certificate trains students to enter the workforce immediately while the 60-credit Associate of General Studies degree is a successful transfer program, especially with Colorado State University-Pueblo.

To contact the Center for New Media, call 719-549-3178.

PCC's Coordinator of Media Productions, Scott Richards, addresses those gathered at the grand opening.

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One Response to Re-opening of media studio to benefit PCC’s Broadcasting & Production students

  1. Scott Richards,

    I am not sure what we need to do to put together a PCCLD statement of work and budget for you and your staff at Pueblo Community College’s Center for New Media to meet with our IT/Community Relations Staff on an agreed upon date next week to plan and test how you will video record and broadcast a PCCLD 30-minute Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the Rawlings Public Library on Saturday, October 1st @ 3:00 P.M. so that it can be seen live at PCCLD’s Barkman Library and possibly also at our Pueblo West, Narkman, and Lamb libraries.

    In addition to showing this event live at our Barkman Libarary via our computer network, we are interested in also posting it as an archive video that can be played either from our website as ongoing publicity for the library’s New Information Centers or as an archived video at furture library events

    Scott, is there something like the City of Boulder’s Video Library in Pueblo where archived community video clips can be shown (City Council Meetings, Special Community Events, etc.) by downloading them to your PC using Quicktime?

    Beacuse our project’s equipment is part of a 3.3 million statewide federally funded Colorado State Library project, the State Library would like to receive a copy of this pending broadcast as documentaion for the project and to share it potentailly with other libraries at library conferenmces, etc. If you are doing the video recoording for us, let me know if we need to obatin your permission to send an archived copy of it to our State Library. we also would like and archived copy of the recording to be cataloged and placed in PCCLD’s Special Collections.

    Do you have a sample contract that you can send me for doing this work? In regard to funding, the Colorado State Library informed me last Friday that funds are now availabe and can be requested by PCCLD and used to fund the Center’s work you will be doing for us. I will need to submit an application for these funds ASAP; these funds must be requested by us before September 30th.

    Pease get back with me by email or call me at 719-553-0202 to advise me how best to proceed.


    Richard Tucey
    for launching our New Information Center at the Rawlings Public Library live on our website at

    The Colordao State Library has some publicity funding that I can request to fund this .

    New Information Center Launch event and post it live in an appropriate format so that the