OJC Rattler Run results

LA JUNTA The first-ever Rattler Run at Otero Junior College was held on Saturday, September 10, 2011 with over 190 participants. The 5K Run, 2-Mile Walk and 1-Mile Kids race drew participants from throughout the area and state. The race was hosted by the OJC Foundation as a fundraising event for scholarships.

Almabeth Kaess, event organizer, said that OJC Foundation and race committee were extremely pleased with the turn-out for the race and enthusiasm that was generated for the race by the community. 

“When you do something for the first time you never know what to expect; however, I think this year’s Rattler Run exceeded all of our expectations and we’re looking forward to making this an annual event,” she said. 

“We had an outstanding committee to work on organizing the race, many of whom are runners themselves or have been involved with organizing large races. Their expertise was invaluable in helping us put on a quality event. Another key to our success was the great support we had from our sponsors. Their help with funding and in-kind support helped to cover many of the base costs for the race, allowing us to put more funding toward the scholarships for future OJC students,” said Kaess. 

Kaess explained that the OJC Foundation had set three goals for the event: raise scholarship funds for future OJC students; bring alumni and friends back to the OJC campus and promote health and fitness. 

“I think we accomplished all three of those goals this past weekend. We had quite a few alumni come back to OJC to run in the 5K race, including Mark Hensley, who came from Seattle, Wash. We also had a large contingent of alumni come down from the Denver-metro area. It was also great to see almost 75 walkers and over 50 Kids Racers participate. Promoting health and fitness among all age groups was certainly one of our goals,” she said.

At the conclusion of the 5K Race, awards were presented to the top runners along with some special awards.


5K Overall Top Awards

Top Male age 39 and under, Jamen Cox, Pueblo West: 21.02

Top Female age 39 and under, Annie Kaess, Centennial: 25.57

Top Male age 40 and over, Dale Havill, La Junta: 25.22

Top Female age 40 and over, Kathy Tompkins, La Junta: 26.34


Age Category Winners

Male age 19-29

1          Russell Baker, Fort Collings: 21.24

2          Justen Cox, Pueblo West:  21.50

3          Chad Stapleton, Denver;  23.15

Female age 19-29

1          Kate Baker, Fort Collins: 26.39

2          Talor Hall, La Junta:  30.32

Male age 30-39

1          Mark Hensley, Seattle, Wash.: 21.26

2          DC DiPrince, La Junta: 22.30

3          Michael Mora, Rocky Ford:  25.41

Female age 30-39

1          Heidi Gearhart, La Junta; 26.09

2          Natalie Summers, Ordway: 28.16

3          Crystal Stewart, Swink: 29.07

Male age 40-49

1          Terry Tompkins, La Junta: 27.15

2          Jon Moreland, Rocky Ford: 29.46

3          Mark Allen, Cheraw: 34.11

Female age 40-49

1          Rhonda Sims, La Junta: 28.53

2          Laurie Knapp, Rocky Ford: 34.43

3          Sharri Moreland,Rocky Ford: 38.45

Male 50-59

1          Ignacio Garcia, Pueblo: 24.43

2          Jonathan Fox, Fowler: 28.25

3          Ted Freidenberger, Rocky Ford: 28.27

Female age 50-59       

1          Alice Blue, Fowler: 32.36

2          Catherine Hensley, Los Alamos, N.M.: 41.00

3          Kathy England, La Junta: 44.00

Male 60-69

1          Donald DiPrince, Pueblo: 25.51

2          Joe Farra, La Junta: 26.04

3          Randy Schwartz, Swink: 27.02

Male age 70 and Over

1          Lyle Lough, La Junta: 28.33


All Runners’ Times Men’s Division

Time   Name              City

21.02, Jamen Cox, Pueblo West;

21.23, Russell Baker, Fort Collins;

21.26, Mark Hensley, Seattle, Wash.

21.5, Justen Cox, Pueblo West;

22.3, DC DiPrince, La Junta;

23.14, Chad Stapleton, Denver;

23.57, Tim Vanhook, La Junta;

24.43, Ignacio Garcia, Pueblo;

25.21, Dale Havill, La Junta;

25.41, Michael Mora, Rocky Ford;

25.51, Donald DiPrince, Pueblo;

25.53, Brandon Henderson, Denver;

26.03, Joe Farra, La Junta;

26.28, Levi Kaess, Centennial;

27.02, Randy Schwartz, Swink;

27.14, Terry Tompkins, La Junta;

27.41, Raymond Torrez, La Junta;

27.48, Steven Gallegos, Las Animas;

28.23, Terence Tompkins, La Junta;

28.25, Jonathan Fox, Fowler;

28.27, Ted Freidenberger, Rocky Ford;

28.30, Perry Blue, Fowler;

28.32, Lyle Lough, La Junta;

29.37, Robert Fowler, La Junta;

29.46, Jon Moreland, Rocky Ford;

29.53, Steven Mitchell, Denver;

34.10, Mark Allen, Cheraw;

34.15, David Cockrell, La Junta;

38.53, John Knapp, Rocky Ford;

39.21, Fred Boettcher, La Junta;

42.38, Chad Seat, La Junta;

44.02, Darren Busch, Highlands Ranch;

50.15, Richard Shand, La Junta;


All Runners’ Times, Women’s Division

25.57, Annie Kaess, Centennial;

26.09, Heidi Gearhart, La Junta;

26.34, Kathy Tompkins, La Junta;

26.39, Kate Baker, Fort Collins;

28.16, Natalie Summers, Ordway;

28.53, Rhonda Sims, La Junta;

29.07, Crystal Stewart, Swink;

29.44, Gail Morrison, La Junta;

29.48, Lindsey Reed, La Junta;

30.14, April Foley, Pueblo West;

30.32, Talor Hall, La Junta;

31.37, Kristi Mayo, La Junta;

32.35, Alice Blue, Fowler;

33.03, Kate Autry, Kim;

33.53, Laura Updike, La Junta;

34.42, Violet Olivo, Boone;

34.43, Laurie Knapp, Rocky Ford;

138.45, Sharri Moreland, Rocky Ford;

41, Catherine Hensley, Los Alamos, N.M.;

44, Kathy England, La Junta;

44.02, LaVern Martinez, La Junta;

48.35, Sarah Voigts, La Junta;

50.14, Suzette Goecke, La Junta;

50.14, Katherine Larkin, Salida;


1-Mile Kids Race

Boys Age 7-12

  1. Clint Pommier, La Junta
  2. Max Moreland, Rocky Ford
  3. Noah Sedillo, La Junta

Girls Age 7-12

  1. Cassidy Jones, La Junta
  2. Aimee Wallner, La Junta
  3. Drew Sims, La Junta


Top School Participation Award

La Junta Intermediate School


Top Corporate Participation Award

Otero County


Top Non-profit Group/Organization Award

Zumba Exercise Group


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