Encana Supports CNCC Student Safety and Well-Being Project with Funding

The Colorado Northwestern Community College (CNCC) has received notification from Encana that their request for funding to provide first aid and trauma kits was approved with a grant.  The funding was in response to the CNCC Student Safety and Well-being Project, which was developed in part as a proactive measure to address the need for proper equipment to respond immediately to an injury or emergency and provide the proper medical treatment until professional medical help arrives.
Many unintentional injuries and emergencies can be prevented, but accidents happen, which is why it is necessary to be prepared.  Early detection and prompt response are crucial in keeping situations manageable. Having the proper equipment and properly trained people is key to an early response to an injury or emergency.  In order to ensure our students receive the proper care in an emergency situation, either on-campus or off-campus during a field trip or other college recreational opportunities, CNCC secured funding from Encana to purchase eight trauma kits and five first aid kits for our campus.  Funding from Encana completes the purchase of all equipment that was required for the CNCC Student Safety and Well-being project that includes 16 wall mounted AED Defibrillators, four portable AED Defibrillators as well as CPR/First Aid training for all faculty and staff.   This is an important project for CNCC and its students and we would like to extend our sincere thanks to Encana for their support.

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