Administrative/Professional-Technical Employee of the Year is: Andy Long

Andy Long,  Dean of Enrollment Management ,  has,  during the past  three years , become a campus “favorite” at NJC. Considered an excellent supervisor and a campus motivator, his colleagues often watch in awe as he captivates one audience or another with his enthusiasm and expertise . As a great team player, Andy does an awesome job supervising records, financial aid, institutional research and admissions.  Not only does he do his job well, but he is great at expressing appreciation for his team members. His sense of humor makes student services a fun place to interact with students and his ability to encourage his team members to laugh at themselves while he laughs at himself,  makes a positive work environment. Since his arrival at NJC in 2008, he’s proven himself to be a great listener, leader, executer, encourager, planner, and doer. Development is a constant for Andy.  He continually develops his own administrative and personal skills, which in-turn reflects on how he manages those that report to him.  Andy is a great communicator and excellent personnel manager.  He is an asset to our school and constantly promotes and advocates for NJC.

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