CCD’s Glenda Sinks a COABE Scholarship Winner

 (Denver, CO.) Glenda Sinks, Director of the GED Institute at the Community College of Denver, has been awarded an incentive grant from the Commission on Adult Basic Education (COABE). The grant focuses on issues around using technology and student retention by adding the use of the iPad in the adult education class.

 Sinks will receive a $1750 financial award for the purpose of implementing the project and will present the project at the 2013 national conference. At this year’s conference, she will be recognized at a ceremony in her honor with over 500 in attendance.

 The Commission on Adult Basic Education (COABE) exists to provide leadership, communication, professional development and advocacy for adult education and literacy practitioners in order to advance quality services for all adult learners. Ten thousand members strong, COABE provides competitive national-level awards, incentive grants, and scholarships opportunities annually through special funding provided by the Dollar General Literacy Foundation.

 COABE provides incentive grants which support activities or projects in the field of adult basic education through the secondary level. The best practices gained by the incentive grant winners will be archived in an online repository as a resource for the literacy field. The overall purposes of the grants are to promote field-based, practitioner-developed activities for student/faculty growth, program improvement through enhanced curriculum, instruction, assessment, counseling, student services, and research/evaluation, or community involvement.


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