CCA’s new faculty handbook smooths transition

New adjuncts and full-time faculty began to receive instructional reading material to help smooth their transition to Community College of Aurora beginning in January.
The Denver area community college has ditched the Faculty Q and A section that for years has served as an online primer for employees joining the college on the MyCCA portal. It’s been replaced by a faculty handbook, which includes materials culled from a six-person working group.
The 18-page document has been updated to include information pertinent to individuals teaching their first classes at the college. It welcomes them, advises them of the resources available, and walks them through the expectations stemming from their first class experience.
For existing employees, it also can serve as a reminder of processes, locations of information and key contacts.
The handbook was handed out for the first time at the Jan. 12 new faculty orientation.
It emanated out of document study preceding April’s Higher Learning Commission visit.
“It strikes the right tone,” said Ted Snow, dean of Liberal Arts, who led the working group behind the handbook. “It welcomes our faculty members and lets them know how important they are to us and it sends the message that we’re here to support you in why you teach.”
Victor Vialpando, Bobby Pace, Kerry Johnson, Beth Lattone and Alex Girard rounded out the committee, with Girard handling layout and design.
“What I really like about it is that we’re putting a useful, easy-to-navigate handbook in the hands of our faculty members that immediately orientates them to our philosophy,” Snow said. “I think it will make it smooth for them, especially early in their time with us.”

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