CNCC Spring Retreat and Strategic Planning Session

Dr. Bowman giving presentationOver the weekend of Friday, March 8 through Sunday March 10, 2013 the Blue Mountain Inn and Suites hotel in Rangely, Colorado held a gathering of several community members from around the CNCC service area [SEE MORE PHOTOS FROM THE DAY HERE].

All CNCC Boards (Rangely Junior College District Board of Trustees, Moffat County Affiliated Junior College District Board of Control, CNCC Advisory Council, CNCC Foundation Board and CNCC Advisory Council) met Saturday morning. Both district boards conducted their March monthly meeting at this time. The CNCC Foundation held an official quarterly executive committee meeting. The CNCC Advisory Council also held an official meeting. All meeting discussions were worked into the strategic planning conversations on Saturday afternoon.

Over 40 participants engaged in 5 strategic planning conversations:

  1. Community Relations and Outreach
  2. Achieving a Sustainable Financial Model
  3. Organizational Challenges
  4. Growth
  5. Facilities

The addition of special guests from the Colorado Community College System (CCCS) helped to integrate the System’s agenda into the weekend’s activities. Shelley Thompson, Executive Director of the CCCS Foundation kicked off the Board meeting discussion with her overview of her foundation and how CCCS was positioned to give individual CCCS Foundation Boards help with their current initiatives, and to supply guidance for new staff members as they come on board.

Dr. Linda Bowman, CCCS Vice President for Education Services gave the Planning Work Session Keynote: “The CCCS Perspective” where she related to all participants what role CCCS plays for all 13 of the CCCS colleges and how its resources are there to help all. Bowman gave an overview of her experiences in various jobs with CCCS and how her networking over the years had provided her with great insight into why strategic planning is so vital to CNCC.

Discussion outcomes will be used as a basis for CNCC’s next multi-year strategic plan.

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