Education officials from China visit TSJC

Gunsmithing Instructor Dave Nolan demonstrates gunsmithing to the fellows from the Jiangsu Province in China during their visit to TSJC.

(Trinidad, CO)  College vice presidents from the Jiangsu Province in China visited and toured Trinidad State Junior College Tuesday afternoon as a part of the Jiangsu Province University Presidents Fellow Program. The five fellows from China toured the college’s signature programs then visited with TSJC President Dr. Chuck Bohlen and other college officials.

While at TSJC, the fellows toured the college’s gunsmithing department, library, student success center, nursing department and robotics lab. While visiting with Dr. Bohlen and other TSJC officials after the tour, they discussed the differences between the colleges in China and TSJC, including a discussion on guns. One of the fellows said it’s illegal for citizens to carry a gun in China.

The fellows said there are no two-year schools in China. Instead they have three-year programs, in addition to bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees. The signature programs at the fellows’ home colleges include machinery, electronic automation, architecture, commerce, international trade, e-business, manufacturing and engineering. The fellows also mentioned that all students live on campus and come straight from high school at age 18 at their home colleges.

The University of Colorado Colorado Springs hosts the Jiangsu Province University Presidents Fellow Program. The participants include Jin-hong Liu, Nantong Vocational College; Lixin Qu, Wuxi City College of Vocational Technology; Guozhen Zhuang, Changzhou Institute of Mechantronic Technology; Sulin Shen, Wuxi Institute of Commerce; and Qingtang Zhang, Jiangyin Polytechnic College. The program spans from January to March as the five fellows learn about higher education in America and serve as President Fellows at UCCS. In addition, the fellows visit neighboring universities, community colleges and community organizations.

The fellows applied and were selected to participate in the program, live on campus at UCCS during the four-month period, and all have left their families in China to participate in the program, according to Robert Wonnett, senior assistant to the chancellor at UCCS. The fellows have been traveling around Colorado visiting various institutions to gain an understanding of the American higher education history, systems and culture.

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