CCD launches Money Smarts Team

CCD launches Money Smarts Team

(Denver, CO)  In order to help students better understand their finances, Community College of Denver (CCD) has initiated the multi-disciplinary financial literacy committee, the Money Smarts Team.  Led by Gabriel Godoy, CCD financial awareness manager, the team was formed to develop and implement programs designed to increase financial literacy among students and to give staff the information they need to best advise students in the area of debt and debt management.

The need for financial literacy programming became apparent when it was realized that many students don’t fully understand their responsibility regarding their Federal Financial Aid student loans.  The goal of the Money Smarts Team at CCD is to infuse financial literacy into the fabric of CCD’s student body, staff and faculty by providing financial tools and information necessary to empower a community that makes sound financial decisions that improves their present and long term financial well being.

The Money Smarts Team is collaborating with several CCD departments including Financial Aid, The Resource Center, Admissions Registration and Records, and students and faculty in the preparation and implementation of the classes and programs.  Presentations are made at department meetings and in the classroom; in addition, each student who receives a scholarship is required to attend a financial literacy session.  A recent faculty and staff presentation was presented in collaboration with the Financial Health Institute, a national organization.

Godoy, a former bank officer, acknowledges that with many students not understanding their financial responsibility regarding financial aid and student loans, financial literacy education will help them manage their financial aid/student loans and provide them with the tools needed to plan their financial future.

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