Work trailer donation gives Trinidad State Heavy Equipment program an indoor classroom

(TRINIDAD, COLORADO)  When Trinidad State Instructor Chuck Graham gathers his Heavy Equipment Operator ctrailer_placementlass together, it usually happens outdoors.  Whether cold, windy, snowing or hot, the students gather on a piece of ground owned by Dochter’s Lumber.  It’s an open-air classroom surrounded by graders, bulldozers, front end loaders and backhoes.  The set up can make lectures difficult.

That will soon change with the addition of a work trailer donated by Electrical Systems Professionals of Trinidad.  The forty-foot-long trailer was recently moved from Trinidad Industrial Park to the Dochter’s Lumber property on North Nevada. “It’s something we just fill up with junk if it’s here.  So we might as well put it do good use,” said President Jeff Murray.  “We actually used it when we were putting this building up to do our business out of,” according to Murray.  “Once we got it (the new building) done, we haven’t used it a whole lot.”

The trailer is certainly utilitarian, though perfect for Trinidad State.  It was designed as a mobile office for large construction projects.  After some new paint and clean up, Graham plans to break it into three parts.  “We’ll put a white board in there, some tables and chairs,” said Graham.  “I think we’ll do a tool room, a lunch room and a classroom.”  The tool room will allow Graham to stock lubricants and filters for the equipment.  But the best part for the students is the lunch area.  “The guys are really excited because they’ll have a microwave.  That’s one of the big things, said Graham.


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