Nursing students honored

nursing pinTwenty nursing students from Trinidad State’s Alamosa and Trinidad campuses went through a traditional “pinning” ceremony last week.  In Alamosa, the ceremony happened Thursday, May 8.  In Trinidad, the pinning was performed Saturday morning, May 10.  A nursing pinning is a traditional ceremony that started with the Crusades of the 12th Century, when a group of knights cared for injured and suffering crusaders. As new monks were brought into the Order, they were given a Maltese cross that they wore on their arms.  During the 1860s, Florence Nightingale presented a medal of excellence to her hardest working nursing graduates.  Today the pin is a treasured symbol of their association and everlasting bond with their nursing school, evidence of completing a demanding nursing program, and recognition of the history and heritage of nursing.  Each pin is distinctive, representing only one program, and it identifies to others the program from which the nurse graduated.

In Trinidad, graduates with an Associate of Applied Science (AAS/ADN) include Amanda Sturgeon, Amie Lanier, Jessica Gowen, Sara Bullock, Carolanne Valasquez, Cindy Gutierriz, Greg Williams, Lyndi Quintana, Megan Huffman.

In Alamosa, graduates with an Associate of Applied Science (AAS/ADN) include Amanda Chapman, Amber Long, Amy Renteria, Angela Waggoner, Audrea Gallegos, Cathy Canty, Mykeal Hancock, Nathan Haslett, Nina Harmsen, Tiffany Davies and Yolanda Rubio.

Students from both campuses were recently inducted into the Alpha Delta Nu Honor Society.  This society is for Associate Degree Nursing Students and was created by the National Organization for Associate Degree Nurses.  From the Valley campus inductees included Cathy Canty, Amanda Chapman, Audrea Gallegos, Nina Harmsen, Nathan Haslett, Amy Renteria and Angela Waggoner.

From the Trinidad campus the inductees included Sara Bullock, Amy Lanier, Amanda Sturgeon, Cindy Gutierriz, Lyndi Quintana, and Greg Williams.   The students invited into the Alpha Delta Nu have at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average and have never made below a B in any nursing course.  In addition, they have shown integrity and professionalism while representing the college.  The students have participated in various events to promote the nursing program and increase healthcare education in their communities.


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