Attorney starts $250,000 scholarship fund at Trinidadd State

The Trinidad State Junior College Educational Foundation is pleased to announce that Denver attorney Franklin D. Azar, has established the Franklin D. Azar Scholarship Fund at Trinidad State Junior College with a very generous contribution.  Azar pledged his support to aid TSJC students with their educational expenses by committing $250,000 to the scholarship fund over the next five years.  Azar photo presentationThe initial scholarships will be awarded starting this fall.  “His generous spirit to his hometown community will provide much in the way of aid,” said Foundation Board President, Miriam Zappanti.

Azar’s goal is to help students financially as they begin their educational journey at TSJC.  He recognizes the needs of those students whose grades may be “average” or whose resources may be in the median income range, yet those students may not quality for scholarships or other financial assistance.    “While a student’s grades may be “average” from a traditional academic perspective, many talented “ordinary” students often are looking for available scholarships for students who don’t have an A average,” said Azar.  The Franklin D. Azar Scholarships are intended for “average – ordinary” students who nevertheless have the desire and motivation to succeed at TSJC in pursuit of their goals.

Trinidad State President, Dr. Carmen Simone said, “The support provided to our students by Mr. Azar is deeply appreciated.  His desire to assist those who would otherwise be without support speaks to his personal mission.  Trinidad State is fortunate to have such a strong advocate dedicated to TSJC, our students, and the community.”

Twenty five recipients have already been chosen to receive $1,000 each for this upcoming school year.

For more information on the Franklin D. Azar Scholarship, contact the TSJC Educational Foundation Office by calling 719-846-5649 for further details.

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