Mid-August CTE Updates from the Assistant Provost

Important Perkins Performance Announcement

In Colorado’s July 1 Perkins First Installment Award Letter, we received notification of additional “Special Conditions” (attached) which will have to be followed in the 2014-15 year.  These conditions are due to failure to meet, for three consecutive years, the necessary performance level for one of the secondary (high school only) core indicators of performance of Perkins IV.  Specifically, we missed the mark on secondary technical skill attainment (2Sl) each of the past three years.  This measure uses Concentrator Completion Rate for its measurement approach.

Based on conversations with our secondary institutions we believe our downward trend in our completion rates is a result of:

  • Decreasing school budgets which limit elective options so courses are not available for a student to complete the pathway.
  • Continuation of high stakes academic testing influences school administrators to invest more in academic requirements and less electives offerings.
  • Lack of understanding by administrators and counselors that CTE programs area sequence of courses not just independent elective experiences which negatively impacts availability and accessibility of courses.

We firmly believe that due to the adjusted performance level and our work with school districts and consortiums that have failed to meet the measure, that we will meet/exceed the target for the 2013-14 reporting year.  Specifically we will:

Analyze data to determine low performing school districts and programs.

  1. Provide on-site review of data submission processes to ensure all students that can be counted are being counted.
  2. Provide on-site targeted technical assistance to revise program structure as appropriate and necessary.
  3. Eliminate problematic courses and/or close low performing programs.
  4. Coordinate closely with USDE contacts for timely submission of quarterly reports and utilization of technical assistance.

We would ask that all secondary Perkins recipients review their 2S1 Technical Skill Attainment Measure performance and consider how they can strengthen their performance.  For more information and or ideas contact Lorrie Toni, Perkins Director, Julie Eddy, Accountability Director or Scott Stump, Assistant Provost for Career & Technical Education.

STEM Education Roadmap Public Release

On Wednesday August 27 from 4:30 – 7:00PM, the public is invited to attend a reception celebrating the release of the Colorado STEM Education Roadmap. The event will include a panel discussion of the growing demand for STEM competencies, and overview of the work to increase access to high-quality STEM education for all students, and how stakeholders can invest in and become part of the evolving public-private partnership supporting these efforts.  Space is limited and RSVP to Angela Baber at ababer@coloradoedinitiative.org is required.

For additional information, see http://www.coloradoedinitiative.org/colorado-stem-education-roadmap-release-event/  .

Diversity in STEM Initiative

On September 12, the community college system office, in partnership with the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity (NAPE), will kick off a yearlong initiative to increase the diversity of community college STEM programs. The initiative will include implementation of the research based PIPE-STEM process within participating colleges.  Participants currently include the Community College of Denver, Pueblo Community College, and CHAMP grant participants. The event will take place from 9-3 at the Pikes Peak Community College Rampart Range Campus.

For additional information or learn how to become involved, see http://www.coloradostateplan.com/stem.htm or contact Jennifer Jirous, STEM/Arts Program Director at jennifer.jirous@cccs.edu.


CACTA (Colorado Association of Career Technical Administrators) Announces Taskforce Dates

For many years, CACTA has hosted monthly Taskforce meetings during the academic year.  Each Taskforce meeting focuses on a timely topic for CTE and allows ample time for questions, discussion and recommendations.  For topics and additional information contact Mimi Leonard, CACTA President Elect.  Times and locations for the 2014-15 Taskforce meetings are:

  • October 3 – Noon – 3:00 – Pickens Tech (Lunch provided)
  • October 15 – 1:00 – 3:30 – CCCS (President’s Conference Room)
  • November 19 – 1:00 – 3:30 – CCCS (President’s Conference Room)
  • January 21 – 1:00-3:30 – CCCS  (President’s Conference Room)
  • March 18 – 1:00-3:30 – CCCS  (President’s Conference Room)
  • April 15 – Noon-3:00 – Pickens Tech (Lunch provided)

Colorado Health Science Meetings

Colorado Health Science teachers will be meeting at Lowry Conference Center on September 12th for Health Science pathway, curriculum and HOSA updates. There’s also the National Health Science Curriculum Conference will be held downtown Denver at the Embassy Suites October 14-17. There will be 350+ Health Science teachers attending from across the country.

For additional information contact Tara Bell at tara.bell@cccs.edu.

 Please let us know if you have any questions!

Contact information for all CCCS Staff:             http://www.coloradostateplan.comCTEcontacts.htm

Colorado CTE Calendar:   2014-15 Colorado CTE Calendar

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