Light the Torches – a poem

Light the Torches

–For all those who take classes and work in community colleges

 Light the torches, spark the fires,

Melt the flux and fuse the wires,

We’re teaching a man to fish.


Trim the hair and set the style,

Paint the nails, it takes a while,

We’re teaching a woman to fish.


Write the words, sing the songs,

Star what’s right and check what’s wrong,

We’re teaching them all to fish.

Dice the spuds and grill the meat,

Mix the dough for something sweet,

They’re learning how to fish.

Take the temp, record the chart,

Check the pulse and hear the heart,

They’ll soon know how to fish.


Down the aisle in caps and gowns,

Celebrate! We’ll have no frowns,

They’ve all learned how to fish!


–Susan May Pelto

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