The Colorado Community College Newswire (CCC News) is a one-stop Word Press-driven website resource for journalists and those interested in news and information coming out of Colorado’s community colleges.

CCC News is a convenient one-stop way for journalists to get information on how Colorado’s community colleges are not only serving their students but our state’s citizenry, businesses, industry, education infrastructure, governments and non-profits.

CCC News also seeks to broaden the exposure to the news and information flowing out of its member colleges via greater search engine visibility and presence in news article crawls.

CCC News gives those who are not affiliated with a particular institution, a chance to review the activities of multiple colleges in one place without having to surf numerous different websites.

Finally, CCC News acts as an electronic database of articles and photos from Colorado’s Community Colleges hence extending its utility as a resource for journalists and other stakeholders interested in its institutions from a historical perspective.

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